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Joyce, Jordan, and Haley

Home sharing since November 2018
Jordan (30) has been home sharing with Joyce (79) (pictured right) for two and a half years. He lives in a separate basement apartment and him and Joyce share the upstairs kitchen. When Joyce travels to her summer home in Western Colorado, Jordan is in charge of watching over the house and takes on the responsibility of the garden. Jordan also helps out with daily chores that have become harder for Joyce to do, like snow shoveling, opening bottles/jars, and putting up and taking down Christmas lights. Jordan had been dating Haley (pictured left) throughout his home sharing journey with Joyce and Haley would visit their home often and would share a meal or conversation with Joyce. When Jordan told Joyce that he was asking Haley to marry him she was excited and supportive. They agreed that Haley would move in after the wedding in April 2020. When the shutdowns began in mid March due to the virus Jordan and Haley were uncertain how and/or if they’d be able to have their wedding as planned. During all of the uncertainty and cancellations they had a brilliant idea. Jordan and Haley approached Joyce asking if they could have a small and intimate ceremony in her backyard and if she would be their witness. She was over the moon happy to help them start their life at her home. Jordan and Haley were married in April 2020 with their friend/pastor, friend/photographer, and Joyce (staying inside and watching from the patio windows). Jordan and Haley have now been living with Joyce for almost a year, with social distancing and with a strict cleanliness/sanitation process they are thriving. Joyce is happy to give Jordan and Haley a fresh start at their new life together, as she only charges them a minimal amount for rent, a gift of financial security for their present and future. We are so happy to have helped connect Jordan and Joyce over 2 years ago and to help facilitate a smooth and loving new home sharing relationship with Haley added. Happy Home Sharing, Joyce, Jordan, and Haley!