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Elizabeth and Pat

Home Sharing since December 2020
Elizabeth (91) became an active Home Provider with Sunshine in August 2020, seeking a housemate to live with her after her daughter and granddaughter moved out to their own place. Elizabeth’s family was afraid for her to be alone at night and thought she would enjoy the companionship of someone her own age. When the social worker first arrived to meet Elizabeth at her home, she found that Elizabeth’s home was not quite ready to home share. With hard work from Elizabeth’s family they were able to get the home back in a state that Elizabeth felt happy and comfortable in. Elizabeth’s son and daughter were trading off evenings staying at their mother’s home to make sure she was safe at night, a task that was wearing on them quickly. They were eager to get the home share process started. Pat (73) previously home shared with Sunshine in a successful match for a year and a half before her housemate sold her home. After debriefing her home share match end Pat was eager to home share again. She believed she could provide companionship and service exchange for an older person and thought it could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Pat and Elizabeth have been living together for almost a month and are eager to spend the holidays together. Elizabeth’s family has a sense of relief, knowing their mother has a night presence and a growing friendship with Pat in the home. Pat and Elizabeth have enjoyed watching Netflix shows together nightly and sharing meals commonly (as they are both home often due to COVID). We are so happy to have helped Elizabeth and Pat find each other through home sharing. Elizabeth told us after being matched, “We all feel (her family) that we really found the golden nugget with Pat.” Happy Home Sharing, Elizabeth and Pat!