Sunshine Home Share
The Sunshine Home Share program uses a thoughtful matching process to promote safety and compatibility while supporting a mutually beneficial relationship between the Home Provider and the Home Seeker.

What is Home Sharing?

Home Sharing is a best practices housing model that assists Home Providers and Home Seekers with creating agreed-upon guidelines for becoming housemates and supports Aging in Community by utilizing extra space in a Home Provider’s home. Home sharing allows the Home Provider to generate income, trade rent for assistance with basic household chores if needed, and generates housing options for people needing an affordable place to live. It provides the opportunity to build relationships so people do not have to live alone. Sunshine Home Share Colorado staff support the matching process to ensure matches are made in a safe and thoughtful manner increasing the likelihood of a successful match.

Who Benefits From Home Sharing?

Home Providers

  • Don’t have to live alone
  • Earn extra income Receive help with household chores when needed
  • Remain safely in your home longer
  • Family and friends can feel secure knowing you are not alone
  • Give back, by providing affordable housing to someone in need
  • Know professional staff are working to support you to make safe, thoughtful, long-lasting matches
  • Must be 55 and older

Home Seekers

  • Have an affordable housing solution with flexible living together terms
  • Support a senior to remain in their home by trading discounted rent in exchange for household chores
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Know professional staff are working to make compatible matches
  • Gain additional work experience and a personal or professional reference
  • Save Money

Community at Large

  • Has a referral resource for an affordable housing solution
  • Social Service agencies have an additional resource to support their senior client’s ability to age in place

About Us

Sunshine Home Share Colorado is a nonprofit organization helping you utilize the extra space in your home as a way to generate income, receive assistance with basic household chores, decrease isolation, and help provide housing to someone needing an affordable plaseniors in their ability to age in place by increasing their network of support. 

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Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

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